Hand Tied Wefts – 18 Inch [120gr]





City of Angels Hand-Tied Wefts are the hottest rage among novice and most seasoned hairdressers because its endless creativity.    They are all literally sewn by hand making them the thinnest seam wefts you can find, ultra-lightweight, and so invisible- you’ll see almost no return weight line on our wefts.  Designed with 11.5 Inch Seam to perfectly measure around the head in half or full they are easy to use.  Our wefts are incredibly durable and made with salon-quality Remy hair, so they’ll last for six to eight weeks.  These long-lasting wefts are super low-maintenance and for those wanting to pony up their hair up at the gym or go swimming without having to worry about their hair extensions.


We say, live free and to the fullest with a Hand-Tied Weft Application

For ultra flat weft extension options – almost invisible seam line and endless color creativity or color melting layered Hand-tied wefts are a great choice for your clients and artistic color opportunities.   They are available to use on ALL hair types, and especially chosen for thin or fine hair due to the ultra-thin weft design. The hand-tied weft is a super flat weft that can be used to bead in, sew in, or quick bead technique for instant transformation, this method is 100% non-damaging, and the weft is strong and durable to reuse many times. They also work well with thick and coarse hair because their thin design won’t let hair bulk-up at the scalp, so it flows evenly from root to tip.


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