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Grouping CURRENT International Colour Chart (ICC) COLOR LEVEL AND COLOR TONE Name
NEUTRAL TONES & ASH TONES 1 1N Black Neutral Midnight
NEUTRAL TONES & ASH TONES 1B 5GA Level 5 Gold Ash Espresso
NEUTRAL TONES & ASH TONES - 5A Level 5 Ash Smokey Natural Brown
NEUTRAL TONES & ASH TONES - 7A Level 7 Ash Beige Smokey Natural Light Brown
NEUTRAL TONES & ASH TONES 18A 9AB Level 9 Ash/Beige Smokey Natural Blonde
SOFT BEIGES AND GOLDS 2 5WG Level 5 Red/Brown Gold Dark Choclate
SOFT BEIGES AND GOLDS 6a 6NB Level 6 Neutral Beige Natural Beige
SOFT BEIGES AND GOLDS - 7NB Level 7 Neutral Beige Light Brown Beige
SOFT BEIGES AND GOLDS 8a 8NB Level 8 Neutral Beige Bronde Beige
SOFT BEIGES AND GOLDS 10a 10NB Level 10 Neutral Beige Light Blonde Beige
SOFT BEIGES AND GOLDS 12 8WG Level 8 Red/Brown Gold Light Honey  
Reds 14 8NC Level 8 Neutral Light Copper Ginger
Reds 30 9C Level 9 Copper Strawberry Blonde
Reds 31 7C Level 7 Copper True Copper
Reds 33 6C Level 6 Copper Burnt Umber
Reds 35 7RR Level 7 Red Red Red Flame
Reds 37 6RR Level 6 Red Red Red Punch
Reds 9VR Level 9 Violet Red Ruby
 PURE BLONDES 60 11PN Blondest Platinum Cream  Platinum Cream
 PURE BLONDES 60a 11PA Blondest Platinum Ash  Platinum Ash
 PURE BLONDES 61 11PI Blondest Platinum Ice  Platinum Ice
 PURE BLONDES 22 10G Level 10 Gold Sun Kissed Blonde
 PURE BLONDES 613 10N  Level 10 Neautral Beach Blonde
 PURE BLONDES Silver Silver Blondest Ice/Ash   Icey Ash
Shadow Roots  18-Apr S5G/9AB/5G Shadow Root/Highlights Level 5 Gold/9 Ash Beige Mocha/Latte Swirl
Shadow Roots  - S4/27/4 Shadow Root & Highlights Level 5 Gold/10GB Mocha & Caramel
Shadow Roots  22/6 S6NB/10G/6NB Shadow Root & Highlights Level 6 Natural Beige/10 Gold Blond Mocha & Cream
Shadow Roots  18/613 S9A/10N/9A Shadow Root & Highlights Level 8 Beige/10 Neutral Smokey & Cream
Shadow Roots  - S8A/11PI/8A Shadow Root & Highlights Level 8 Ash/Platinum Ice Bronde Ash and Ice
Shadow Roots  S2/16 S5WG/10GB Shadow Root Level 5 Warm Gold/10 Gold Beige Dark Choclate & Light Golden Beige
Shadow Roots  - S1C/61 Shadow Root Level 5 Ash/Blondest Platinum Ice Ash and Ice
Shadow Roots  S2/61 S5WG/11PI Shadow Root Level 5 Red/Brown Gold/Blondest Platinum Ice Choclate Ice
Shadow Roots  S6/22 S6NB/10G Shadow Root Level 6 Neautral Beige/10 Gold Blond Natural Beige & Sun Kissed Blonde
Shadow Roots  S8/61 S8AB/11PI Shadow Root Level 8Ash Beige/Blondest Platinum Ice  Bronde Ash Beige & Platinum Ice
- Pink - - Hot Pink
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